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blue ✩ back again

Player: Blue ✩ Replies will be on Fridays! (HOLIDAYS = DEATH)
Join Date: June 4th, 2010
Card Count: 1773
Card Value: 1799
level blueberry
trading buddies

I'm always open for Trading Buddies! Just comment to let me know and give me your banner ^_^
My Banner and Link!----><----Just Copy and Paste!

STEAK 09/20 eyepatch 13/20
mobile 20/20 death zone 09/20
GOD HAND 12/20 white clown 09/20
lotto tix ✩ special decks
✩Lottery Tickets✩


✩Clow, Odyssey, Circus, Gakuen, Nekotalia, Tartarus, Isshu, GS League, Cats 'n Dogs, Glasses, Eyepatches, Traps, Halloween, Arcana, R-Traps, Faint Attack, Brush Gods, Ember, Water Gun, Shades, Nekomimi, Megaten, Arcana, Guns, Swords, Hylia, Shounen, Swim Trunks✩

trading terms
current & future decks → NOT TRADING AWAY - I wants them the mostest!
special decks & portfolio decks → Will only trade for cards from one of my current decks
trading decks → Make me an offer! =D
crayons → I will trade these for another crayon or something in my current or future decks
held cards → Let me know if you want me to hold a card for you! After two weeks, I'll see if you still want it before taking it off hold

held zero crayons 26
none at the moment x02 x06 x02 x06 x02 x01 x02 x05
codingreplica & colour schemeartes

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