15 March 2013 @ 01:32 am
Me Meme  
How's that for a confusing title? =P
SO, to start things out on this here blog, I figured I'd do a meme thing about myself. Not that...I expect a lot of traffic here, but hey, it can be my disclaimer. I'M KIND OF A WEIRD GUY. Just sayin. XD

Uh IRL it would be Theo, or one of the nicknames I seem to collect (Tuff, Tim, Shamwow, and etc) but online it's pretty exclusively Blue and I have buddies who met me online who still call me Blue when we meet IRL so I don't mind that as a nickname as well XD

deviantART, Twitter, facebook, y!Gallery, LJ, Tumblr...um yeah that's about it lol, apart from here of course XD

April 20th! I am an Aries/Taurus cusper (clashing signs, it's ever so fun) and a Dragon

Pagan, and more specifically eclectic solitary Wiccan (basically I do my own thing lol)

Pansexual! Most people have no idea what that is lol, so I shall explain - I am 'gender blind', as in gender does not affect my choice regardless if a person is male, female, transexual, and so on. Another way to put it is I like PEOPLE - their personality attracts me, not their physical attributes XP
I has teh shoujo sparkling chestburster, aka my other half Rhi <3

Currently I am working full time, and going to school part time. I'm an art major, originally digital illustration but I think I'm switching over to fine art. Sort of having a love affair with traditional media right now <3

TV / ....I-I don't really watch tv OTL *is lame* I do love Top Gear (UK version not the US version), Ultimate Warrior, Curiosity?, Diners Drive-Ins & Dives, and basically anything from Animal Planet/Discovery Channel.

Books / I used to read a shit-ton, but now I really don't and I'm trying to get back into the swing of things (goddammit I work in a motherlovin' bookstore for crying out loud!) and I currently got quite a few others lined up to read. I think the last book I finished was Wings of Fire (Dragonet Prophecy book 1) which happens to be a kids book lol. What I do read? MANGA, SO MUCH MANGA. Too much manga honestly X'D It fills my giant bookshelves and then some OTL Favorite mangaka are CLAMP, Katsura Hoshino and Tite Kubo but I love many others. I love SO MANY I CAN'T CHOOSE ONE FAVORITE. I read all genres except most shoujo (I don't do romantic angst or needless drama, basically lol) and I'm sort of partial to shounen manga as I absolutely love anything with excessive violence, action, and fanservice XP

Games / Waaaaargh RPGs own my soul! I play games for the story and the characters! And I suck at them generally OTL I don't get a lot of time to play them lol so my skills are lacking. Gods and I never finish games even though I want to *headdesk* I LOVE all the Shin Megami Tensei games I've played so far - Especially Persona 3 hnnnnng. I'm currently hardcore obsessing over the Ace Attorney series, holy mother of fuck Miles Edgeworth is LOVE and Phoenix Wright is the most amusing protag I've ever played as XDDD I also love Okami, the Devil May Cry games (DANTE FAPFAPFAPFAP), Bayonetta (FAPFAPFAPFAP), Star Ocean: Til the end of Time (ALBEL FAPFAPFAP), and like the mother of all my fandoms POKEMON, OH GODS IT OWNS ME (like...I own just about every Pokemon handheld game aside from Explorers of Sky and the Ranger games). And there are so many others that it's a little bit ridiculous lolz.

Anime / Amusingly enough I don't watch a lot of anime. I generally prefer to read the manga. However I am SO OBSESSED WITH TENGA TOPPEN GURREN LAGANN I CANNOT EVEN TELL YOU. Well I could but I'd make your ears bleed. Holy fuck that series is the most ridiculous and most awesome thing EVAR.
Lol I also love Bleach, Ghost in the Shell, Cowboy Bebop, and Last Exile among others. And I am obsessed with all movies that Hayao Miyazaki has made, and I also own all movies released in the US that he has made aside from Pom Poko.

Music / My Ipod is overwhelmed with movie soundtracks and game soundtracks lol. I also have a ton of Japanese rock and pop on there (Gackt, Miyavi, Dir en Grey, Ayumi Hamasaki, Utada Hikaru, and then other somewhat less known peeps lol). I'm a huge lover of anything rock so there's lots of that on there, as well as tons of instrumental music and uh, fff, like anything else that strikes my fancy lol. Basically if it's not (most) Rap and it's not Country, I'll listen to it XD

Foods / Chinese, Japanese, and Italian. Um...basically noodles and rice, lmfao! Really though I have an obsession with starches like pasta, bread, rice, potatoes, etc. And I adore vegetables, as weird as that is. ALL DEM VEGGIES. And fruits of most sorts. I could be a vegetarian except for the fact that my friends got me addicted to sushi and I CANNOT GO WITHOUT BBQ PULLED PORK SANDWICHES. BBQ PULLED PORK, HOW I LOVE YOU. Apfff anyway XD I used to have a huge sweet tooth but since I'm now hypoglycemic I cannot eat copious amounts of sugar so...I lack any real cravings for it anymore OTL But I loves me some frozen yogurt and gelato!

Smells / This is a bizarre question...um...fuck :/ I actually don't like the smell of most flowers thanks to an incident as a child where I ATE an entire rose >_> But I do like it when people have a perfume that has a sweet scent to it, or basically if someone is wearing a fragrance that really compliments them well - like to the point I kinda wanna go up and sniff them (but that would be pretty weird so I must resist lolz). I have an obsession with incense though. And the smell of rainy days. I...can't think of anything else lol.

Colors / Red is my favorite color, especially crimson/scarlet. I also love black and silver. It makes me sound goth X'D But I'm in love with anything rainbow colored (my current pride and joy is a pair of rainbow fishnet stockings) and anything brightly colored (like my awesome orange sneakers). I've got a weird affinity for things that are purple, yellow, or orange and I don't know why lol. And no, even though my online name is Blue, it's not my favorite color - but I do like shades of blue more than a lot of other colors XP

Sounds / Stormy weather all the way! Rain, wind through the trees, and thunder. Gods I could just lay around and listen to that all day. I also have a really odd obsession with string instruments, especially the violin lol.

Probably my only natural talent is the ability to write, though even then I've been doing it since I was young so maybe it's not really a talent at all but something I developed without realizing it through copious amounts of rping and tons of stories lol. (that was a long fucking sentence)
I have a mild ability with art and I'm working hard to get it up to par. Um...oh I do have a talent for Karate of all things lol. For some reason it comes naturally to me apff.
And then there's my knack for injury. Yep. That one's pretty awesome too.

....I'm a very quirky person lol OTL I-I don't know where to start...um...I'm slightly OCD in that I feel the need to like...adjust things that are crooked or rearrange things in a way that makes sense to my brain (by size or color or what have you) but it's not usually very bad at home (because my room is a disaster area apff) but even then I can't bring myself to arrange things certain ways because it will BUG THE CRAP OUT OF ME. I also have a tendency for really bizarre impulses that I don't act on but will usually announce to friends for their entertainment (currently the most infamous one involved me wanting to bite someone's knee). Um...I'm unusually anti-touchy-feely, have been ever since I was a little kid. But then sometimes I have the overwhelming need to cuddle or be petted/have my hair brushed. Wtf am I, a cat??? WISHY-WASHY NEED FOR AFFECTION GO. Hnn...I think I tend to act like an anime character at times, my reactions can be really animated and over the top lol. I also cannot help but commentate on video games/shows, but generally in a way that my friends find hysterical...it's like the only time I can spew one-liners X'D

I'm only fluent in English currently. I took Spanish in high school but er...I can only somewhat read it currently. I've picked up an alarming amount of Japanese vocab from reading too much manga and watching too much subtitled anime apfff. Working on the Japanese Rosetta Stone software I bought. I'd like to become fluent in both Spanish and Japanese though ^_^ And maybe Korean and Chinese while I'm at it. (Languages are cool ok)

A really spoiled, rather large (not fat, but honestly BIG) ginger-and-white cat named Strawberry (and he is male lol). I adore him, he's my first cat and was also a result of my very first animal birthing so I've literally known him since he was born. I am therefore his 'mommy' now XD He's a talker, we regularly have conversations. He's usually well behaved, but on occasion he likes to go on random destructive streaks (though I think that's normal for cats). He's too big to be a lap cat but that definitely doesn't stop him...generally I end up with my arms pinned under ten pounds of fluff. Yep. He's crazy adorable though, and I'm pretty sure he knows that and uses it to his advantage.
Also, if you don't know how cats are, you do not understand the immensity of their intelligence at times. Strawberry definitely knows what we're saying to him, to a freaky degree. He also knows how doorknobs work, and the ONLY reason he cannot open doors is because he lacks thumbs and they are knobs, not handles. This cat can and does stand on his hind legs and try to open doors (he closes them regularly).

I really adore dogs, cats, wolves, all big cats, humpback whales, horses, bats, bears and then every other animal in the animal kingdom EXCEPT FOR NARWHALS BECAUSE FOR SOME REASON MY BODY HAS A 'PHOBIA' TYPE REACTION TO THEM. No joke! I don't get how I can have an involuntary negative reaction to a narwhal of all things! @_@
As far as mythical goes, dragons rock my socks off! AND CHOCOBOS, FUCK YEAH

Wow five years from now...? Hopefully well into school by then. Hopefully living in a house rather than an apartment...preferably not in AZ lol. Hopefully with at least a full rough draft of a story/comic complete XD

Um...this is basically impossible for me OTL I am an incurable quoter, I watch something and instantly certain quotes are stuck in my head foreeeeeeveeeeer. But I can share some of my favorites XP
“You have the motor skills of a dead cow!” - old friend of mine
“Something’s on your hand Gabby!” “Ah! Which one!? I’ve got two!!” - old friends of mine
“He’s a man slut.” - an English teacher of mine. Seriously lol
“Wow, that shirt is really violent.” “Yeah, I like it too.” - Me, and then my friend's perfect interpretation of what I said
“How can you miss extra limbs???” - old friend of mine
“Say the first thing that comes to mind when I say butt!” “Fuck!” - proof the yaoi has corrupted me lol
“Die as in ‘death’, not coloring!” - friend of mine
“A blind archer? How can he arch...er...?” - friend's brother lol
“You lost your powers? What are they, socks? Where did they go?” - Ichigo from Bleach
“Oh, this? No! I was run over!” “RUN OVER!? BY A CAR!?” “Yeah...I’ve been getting run over a lot lately, heehee...” - Orihime and Ichigo from Bleach
“He’s pretty damn hott, in that scary ‘ima gonna eat you’ sort of way...” - me XD
“If man boobs are called moobs, does that make man nipples, mipples?” - friend of mine
“We call them man-cannons because it makes us giggle.” - Halo 3 multiplayer design lead Tyson Green
“The Blowhard 3000! The next generation in pirate technology!” - Adam, Mythbusters
“What can you put in an airport incinerator? The answer...Yes.” - Mike Rowe, Dirty Jobs

* * * * * * * * * *
Kudos if you read all of that XPPP